Local Pottery Making
Local Pottery Making
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Local Pottery Making

Moville Pottery

Moville Pottery are long established manufacturers of fine thrown stoneware pottery who also stock local crafts from around Inishowen, Yankee Candle, Pilgrim Jewelry, Danish Design Watches, Fred Bennett and many many more.

Their enchanting range of hand thrown stoneware products are exclusively designed and manufactured by Moville Pottery, whose studio is situated in the heart of this beautiful and haunting Inishowen Peninsula. Each piece of pottery is individually hand thrown, finished and decorated, using traditional hand sponging techniques. The designs are inspired by the subtle colours and shapes of the flora found in Inishowen. The delicate decoration belies the great strength of this stoneware pottery which is safe to use in dishwashers and microwaves, as well as being oven to tableware

Paint Your Own Pot

When you are visiting Inishowen you may come across the odd “Soft Day”. These are also known as wet days. If you do encounter a wet day then why not come to the pottery where you can choose a pot and then decorate it yourself. Over the years Moville Pottery has had many visitors and they take pride in the fact that people come back time and time again. You decorate the pot in the actual pottery studio and the pot making process goes on right beside you


Tel: (00353)74 9382059

E mail: moville@eircom.net

Pottery Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday 10am-5pm,
Saturday 12 noon- 5 pm



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