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Cookery Classes
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Cookery Classes

Community Chef Cookery School

Brian McDermott is Ireland’s first dedicated Community Chef and is passionate about food, reducing salt, tackling obesity, growing his own and supporting local produce. His innovative and relaxed style of cooking is featured at food festivals from Donegal to Cork, where he shares the stage with his good friend and mentor Neven Maguire

Winner of “Pride of Place Award 2011”

The Community Chef Cookery School delivers innovative affordable cookery classes in a relaxed environment promoting health and well-being.

From simple fun cooking classes to FETAC certified courses, Community Chef can improve your skill, knowledge and appreciation of food and local produce. Classes cover the following areas:

• Health styles of cooking

• Food safety and hygiene awareness

• Food preparation

• Reducing salt

• Awareness about health ingredients

• Enhancing local produce

• Planning and costing meals for the home

Courses are flexible and cater for the specialised needs of any group.

TEL: 074 93 85921



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