Who we are

The East Inishowen Business Association was formed in April 2012, after a small group of local business owners came together to discuss the rapid increase in unemployment , and the closure of many long established shops, hotels, and factories in our town and surrounding area.

Like so many other rural towns throughout Ireland we have witnessed a steady flow of young talented men and women leaving our community seeking employment and a new life in foreign shores. Many of whom will not return due to the current state of our economic climate.

We as an organisation are committed to working tirelessly for the benefit of all our citizens, community and businesses, and it is our ambition to help promote and encourage new ventures wherever possible besides enduring to help sustain existing jobs.

One of our goals is to promote our area and tap into our natural resource of “tourism” a resource that has great potential for reviving the town of Moville and surrounding area. Our beautiful region is often referred to in tourism brochures as “Donegal in Miniature” due to the nature of our beautiful scenery. Our majestic scenery, combined with outdoor sporting facilities, provide the ideal base for any holiday. We no longer wish to be referred to as the “undiscovered Ireland” but the “discovered Ireland”.

We are linked to Derry the city of culture 2013 via the natural border of the Lough Foyle and have much to offer those tourists visiting the walled city.


Each member of “East Inishowen Business Association” will receive a yearly window sticker showing that your business is a current member of the association. We will be encouraging members of the public to shop wherever they see this sign and we will be advertising our logo on all our literature, as can your business. If all this proves successful we hope to introduce a discount/loyalty card for the public to use in shops and businesses that support us and you. We are also exploring the possibility of purchasing “block insurance” and/or a discount for businesses registered with us.


To summarise, our aim is to sustain, and promote businesses and jobs in our area, and to encourage new ventures wherever possible. There is no substitute for the throughput of people in any business, we need only a percentage to stop and shop, and hopefully our area will begin to recover and prosper once more.